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Urbaser Balfour Beatty

Urbaser Balfour Beatty

WHOUrbaser Balfour Beatty

WHERE?Gloucester Energy from Waste

WHEN?2016 - 2018

WHAT?New install – Heavy Duty Goods Lift

Gloucestershire Energy from Waste is situated on the outskirts Gloucester in a rural remote location, the plant is designed to provide energy from the regeneration of waste. Due to its situation on Greenbelt land and the surrounding landscape, unlike the established EfW model, Gloucester EfW was designed with sub levels as oppose to above ground levels so as to minimise its vertical footprint and overall presence.

Works Package

The basis of the works was to install a 5000kg/66 Person elevator in conjunction with a very prescriptive technical specification to encompass all the necessary features required to carry out the application in that it was used. As always ANSA Elevators relished the opportunity to once again demonstrate our internal skill set and quality of works by installing such a bespoke heavy-duty package. The package consisted of a dual cylinder, twin guided arrangement with specific ventilation system for the transportation of hot materials in case of an emergency within the production element process of the plant. During the planning stage a multitude of innovative ideas were circulated and we incorporated them into the final design by installing some specialist equipment within this lift to carry out its required use and fall in line with the performance specification in its entirety.

ANSA Elevators Ltd are ‘au fait’ in vast working arenas and sectors, we are fully capable of installing complete lifts and have the know how to provide bespoke engineering solutions with efficiency and cost consciousness always at the heart of every project. The lift in question fell under both categories, it was complete Hydraulic package application, but most definitely not just your ‘off the shelf design’ we spent an extensive amount of time working with the customer and consultant to ensure this lift was installed in the most effective way, we can calculate, develop and design whatever is required within any project as the continued team effort is always present, working with new ideas and practices to accomplish the task in hand.

With the above considered, ANSA Elevators completed the projected within the duly agreed time scales and provided a standout, tailored, hard wearing goods lift in a very important testing environment. As with all our projects the defects period last for a minimum of 12 months and before any project is tendered for, we make sure that we are able to complete the task and delivery by directly employed labour but also that we can maintain and respond to callouts in stipulated necessary time scales required.


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