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What we do


ANSA care for and maintain thousands of lifts of varying makes, age and condition. From simple domestic Access Platforms to complex group systems in hi-rise commercial lift applications. We do this with an unerring commitment to our customers.

Not only do we provide excellent on-site services, we support this with in-house systems which record, report and inform all of our clients. Fully GPS tracked vehicles, instant email reporting direct from site and comprehensive administration all complete our unrivalled service delivery.

We have technical resource that is the envy of our competitors. Whether you require stabilisation of a troublesome unit or a fully comprehensive partnership, ANSA will have the time and knowledge to assist.


New installations and in particular bespoke design innovations are our forte. Again we benefit from unlimited access to the industries best solutions which we compliment with highly efficient, well trained installation teams and experienced project management resulting in high class solutions in both new build projects and adaptable, existing shafts.


Increasingly, an important strength of our offer is the ability to sustain and increase the lifespan of existing equipment. This can be a simple upgrade to improve DDA access facilities and compliance through to full replacement of lifts in existing shafts.

From a range of high end suppliers we are able to design and build a long term solution that meets your exact demands and budget whilst retaining solid infrastructure and minimising negative impact within your building. In turn this will deliver a sustainable and ecologically sound investment.

Health & Safety

We are uncompromising in our commitment to safety. ANSA focuses on training, training, training all supported with NEBOSH qualified in-house staff who promote a solid culture of safety adopted throughout our organisation.

Customer Service

ANSA listen, respond and react to our customers. We offer unrivalled levels of service covering all aspects of lift engineering.

Offering solutions across a range of maintenance, repair, modernisation and new installation.

Focusing on service. Providing customers with the full benefits of trained engineers, top quality technical support and knowledge. We access a wide range of equipment from our supply chain, which encompasses all major manufacturers and high quality solutions.

We survey. We report. We advise. Our reputation in the industry is excellent and we have a team of engineers and support staff on hand to respond to your needs 24/7.


ANSA carry a proud tradition of supporting our communities. We are Patrons of Onside and sponsor a myriad of local initiatives in sport and the arts. We have invested in apprentices from the outset of our company and continue today. Corporate Social Responsibility is a major part of the ANSA culture.

Our people

Adrian Massey/Service Technician
Alex Greenhalgh/Service Director
Amy Nicholson/Project Coordinator
Angela Bennett/Purchase Ledger Administrator
Anthony Kenyon/Service Technician
Anthony Moore/Assistant Engineer
Anthony Savage/Sales Engineer
Arek Zachert/Project Manager
Chris Spelman/Project Supervisor
Colin Rennie/IT/Facilities Coordinator
Daniel Bardaszewskyj/Service Engineer
Dave Crossley/Service Technician
Gary Kennedy/Operations Director
Jacob Hall/Project Sales Engineer
Jen Shaw/Office Manager
Joanne Lindop/Receptionist
John Coussons/Senior Service Engineer
John Moore/Technical Manager
John Taylor/Sales Director
Kim Smith/Service Coordinator
Lee Latham/Senior Sales Coordinator
Mark Dunning/Finance Director
Naweed Akhtar/Financial Manager
Nick Greenhalgh/Project Sales Engineer
Nicola Batho/Service Administrator
Phil Wild/Service Manager
Renae Fullard/Sales Ledger Administrator
Ruth Tranter/Project Administrator
Simon Lumbard/Service Technician
Steve Capp/Service Engineer
Steve Siddall/Service Technical Manager
Tom Yeardley/Service Engineer
Tony Oakes/Service Supervisor
Tracey Milner/Repairs Coordinator

However simple we like to keep things at ANSA, describing who we are is actually quite complicated. On the surface we’re a group of engineers, technicians, designers, managers and directors. We are highly trained, we’re highly skilled, we have all the knowledge and experience required to make sure every job is completed with complete professionalism, but we’re more than that.
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Of course a nice list of impressive qualifications help, but it’s the culture we have developed and nurtured at ANSA that we believe gives us our edge. This is an industry where people place a huge amount of trust in us, and trust is built through relationships.
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That’s why we’re not just a bunch of engineers and technicians and managers: we’re an emergency service. We’re here for you whenever, wherever, whatever.
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A day in the life

Chris Etchells - City Centre Technician

Chris began his working day a lot earlier than most; at 03:25am he attended a callout in the City Centre of Manchester.

For a week at a time a team of our engineers alternate on the night-call rota attending to customers needs throughout the portfolio. Returning home for a few hours sleep following the entrapment it was back up and in to the office for 08:00 to carry on his normal working day.

The weekly engineer’s team meeting was the first stop where any issues, problems or training needs was discussed. As there were site specific queries raised in the meeting it was from here Chris went to consult our Service Director, Alex Greenhalgh where he was instructed on how to proceed with the customer’s interests as a priority.

After parking his eco-friendly vehicle he hopped on the Brompton bicycle to go about his daily duties.

First stop was to St James’s Building, one of our Bruntwood sites, where Chris went to put his technical ability to good use following up a recent call-out. As a technician it is one of Chris’s responsibilities to assist other engineers in fault finding and of course, keeping the customer happy.

Back on foot, bike safely stored, Chris made his way through Manchester, attending various call-outs that had come in that day. Scheduled in for the afternoon Chris was to attend training as part of a customer requirement for specialist emergency release.

Upon leaving the head office Chris’s day continued where it was straight back to Manchester City Centre.

This is often the case as with some of the unique and more difficult units our engineers need to be fully qualified and knowledgeable of the site specific safety implications that could occur.

Chris understands that safety is paramount in all aspects of his job. Whilst nearing the end of his busy day Chris was walking on Portland Street when he noticed two fire engines and the fire brigade in a building we do not maintain. Chris went to see if he could be of assistance as there was quite a commotion and as a result Chris assisted the fire brigade in releasing the trapped passengers.

Even though this building was not one of our own contracts, ANSA would always support the emergency services and anyone in need of our help. Chris left ANSA’s details and called it a day.

Our customers

The geography of our coverage has largely been shaped by our customers. From Birmingham up to Carlisle we constantly surpass customer expectation in response times and speed of fix.

We operate a large network of directly employed engineers to ensure we always remain close to all our clients. From national institutions, government agencies and major commercial enterprises through to private residential owners, our ethos of excellent service is common.

From our fleet of ECO friendly vans to our Brompton bikes in the City Centres we aim to be there for our clients whenever we are needed. We have a wide and varied base from which we continue to build.

Case studies

01 — Bruntwood


Bruntwood are a family-owned and run property company with a multi faceted portfolio encompassing a high quality service delivery in all areas of their business.

Bruntwood have over 100 properties across four UK cities providing high quality office space and retail premises to companies across a range of different business sectors.

ANSA were proud to be charged with comprehensively managing and maintaining the lift stock throughout the Bruntwood portfolio; consisting of original equipment in listed buildings through to state of the art new installations in the North of England from Birmingham upwards and across the entire M62 Northern corridor.


ANSA on a daily basis dedicates man-power and exceedingly high levels of effort to manage and maintain the Bruntwood portfolio to the best of our abilities.

Throughout our working day the focus is on minimising negative impact to customers whilst pursuing measured goals via mutually agreed KPI’s.

Bruntwood’s main concern is the happiness of their clients which we strive to ensure is of a high level at all times. Maintaining not only the lifts but a consistency of service, added value to the client and a unique understanding of customer service expectations is paramount and demonstrated daily.


Through both Bruntwood and ANSA’s keen efforts to keep the customer happy the outcome is inevitable. A client/customer relationship built on a healthy and mutual respect, an ongoing quest for improvement and a synergy which ANSA would consider to be unrivalled throughout the industry.

ANSA have developed a long standing relationship spanning over 15 years of parallel service delivery mirroring the brand, the values and ethos of Bruntwood.

02 — Sovereign House


Sovereign House in Leeds is a five-storey office block which was originally served by two Express Lifts of 1970’s origin. Following full consultation, the client decided upon full replacement of the original basement drive lifts.

The specification called for Machine-Roomless (MRL) format for the new installations and the site demanded a high-quality finish combined with a robust and reliable service.

The client confidently appointed ANSA as the principal contractor charged with delivering a full turnkey solution. In order to minimise any negative customer impact all works were scheduled to be executed outside normal working hours and one lift needed to remain in service at all times.


ANSA completed the removal of the original lifts and the first challenge arose. ANSA had to ensure the shaft dimensions fully complied with the Lift Regulations 1997 and all aspects of EN81-1.

Engaging our own specialist builders, the shaft capstone was removed and made good to accept the new installations. Selecting a components package from our key suppliers ANSA progress to install a duplex pair of 8 person 630Kg MRL lifts on time, on budget and with minimal disruption of the buildings occupants.


The end result was a top quality production, designed and built to last, featuring high-end durable finishes, generically available components and flexibility for future maintenance.

ANSA were successful in the completion of all works outside of normal working hours and kept one lift in service at all times therefore successfully ensuring any negative impact for the customers was kept to an absolute minimum.

ANSA were incredibly proud of the hard-work demonstrated by all engineers involved and the finished product reflected the effort made by all.

03 — Hornchurch Court


Here at Hornchurch Court, ANSA were commissioned to work in partnership with the tenant committee, the landlord and fund managers to deliver a quality and effective solution to an issue which had been causing daily disruption to resident’s lives.

Prior to our involvement the existing two passenger lifts served odd and even floors respectively. This would mean that some residents were having to travel to a floor above or below there residence to then have to use the stairs, some with children, prams and shopping in tow.


The agreed solution was to carry out full replacements of the existing lift controls, utilising energy efficient friendly and intelligent systems.

Structurally we were to open up all floors and provide a full duplex service—effectively doubling the service provision and greatly improving the overall service.

To add to this, full car interior replacements were instructed to meet DDA/EN81-70 to a high quality standard along with upgrading the entire installation to meet EN81 part 1, BS7255 and PUWER. All this completed whilst causing minimum disruption to the occupants of Hornchurch Court.


Once the project had been completed, ANSA had transformed a tedious task for the residents to an easy, stress-free journey from the main entrance to their home.

From the original ‘skip’ stop lifts with every other floor blocked to an all-floors, high quality and reliable lift system fit for purpose that resulted in everyone from the residents, to the landlord to us being very happy with the outcome.


Head Office 
ANSA Elevators Ltd, 21 Broadgate, Broadway Business Park, Chadderton, OL9 9XA
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+44 (0) 161 688 6500

Mark Dunning — Financial Director

Gary Kennedy — Operations Director

Alex Greenhalgh — Service Director

John Taylor — Sales Director

Please note that all our calls may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes.

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